Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DWTS 2010 Week 1 Elimination

Please let it be The Situation!
Tension mounting! Chelsie and Margaret will be back!
We may get rid of The Situation!
"It's never too early to panic." Not sure why Len uttered the line but it is brilliant and I am sure I can use it some time.
Next non-elimination - Jennifer and the Canadian content! Yay!
But how ia Brandy in danger? This is truly strange.
Flo is coming back! Maybe I can just go to sleep now.
OK I hung around long enough - we will dump!!! please let it be The Situation, a useless soul if ever there were one.
Oh no! The Situation survives! I will miss Kym's legs if the Hoff gets tossed and I cannot believe Kyle would go (though maybe nobody else has ever heard of im). And the viewers speak - the Hoff is gone, which was surely tipped off by the interviews with his daughters. Farewell, Kym's legs; I will start thinking about seeing them next year!


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