Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What! I Failed to Notice that DWTS was Back!?

I did but am now catching up.
But should Jennifer Grey not have quite an advantage here?
Impressions from week 1:
Audrina Patridge is very attractive and knows it. As does Bruno! And as Tony says, she works hard. Carrie Ann has some interesting anatomical observations.
Kurt Warner has seven kids! What a great story his is. Must be so much fun for him to appear on the show as he knows he has more watchers than I have blog readers. He, like me, is a recent retiree, and I would love ABC to pay me to work intensively with Anna Trebunskaya! But wow did he ever feel nervous coming to the judges. It is what I love about this show. But he seems so damned nice. As his whole story suggests.
Kyle Massey comes on. I have NO idea who is. But I do recall Lacey Schwimmer, which shows I am becoming an addict. I have to confess the people on this show are too attractive for words (though not necessarily all the 'stars'). Hmm - Kyle impressed me. As Bruno pointed out, this guy is a professional entertainer and he knows it.
Rick Fox (Canadian content!) is paired with the very competitive and successful Cheryl Burke, who is struggling with the height issues. Very interesting to watch. And as he notes his height is an enormous disadvantage in dancing. He makes Cheryl look like a gnome. I thought Rick was stiff but Len liked it. And Bruno is, I think, right, "What a season it is going to be!" Cheryl Burke is one hell of a coach.
I like this show largely because it makes people compete outside the zone they are accustomed to. I had the feeling Margaret Cho had no wish to in the end. I think I want tonight's elimination to hit her (though I have yet to see Hasselhof).
As it turns out I also have NO idea who Brandy is (though her cleavage is special). Now Maksim I know. I wonder if she can turn into this year`s Nicole Scherzinger (who was excellent). Oh yeah there is potential! I bust out laughing as she shouted `Me too!`during Len`s review. She will be fun. I think Brandy is now my favorite.
Clearly Bristol Palin is a scene hugger but this is gutsy, and she was pretty darned good, as was that red mini-dress. She seems actually pretty grounded, which is not much of a surprise. Bruno - `For you this is virgin territory`. He is such a mischief. And Carrie Ann, I have to agree with, "Bristol, you have fantastic legs".
Next we get this year's Buzz Aldrin in Florence Henderson and more power to her! This is just great! "Florence is kind of funky." Those 76-year-old legs are just great and those Ballas! Her response to Bruno is utter genius! I want Florence back next week!
Poor Chelsie Hightower has to try to train Michael Bolton. One might have thought this would be no problem. Nope! Maybe her skin problems were too much for him. Talk about wooden! I won't miss Bolton if he is voted off but I will miss Chelsie.
Let us please as soon as possible get rid of The Situation!
That's it. I feel so sorry for Karina. Careless, uninvolved, self-absorbed, total asshole. Len was so spot on - "You've got the guns but not the ammunition". Vote this ass off! (I will badly miss Karina.)
Why is Jennifer Grey on this show? WTF? I do welcome her presence and sure it's nice of us all to feel about Patrick Swayze, but I liked her more with her earlier nose. Derek Hough is one of the nicest partners anyone could get and she got him! This just seems wrong to me but also terribly touching. But is it not the point that the players should not be professional dancers? Don`t get me wrong - I have long loved Jennifer Grey, even with her old nose (especially with her old nose). But she sure seems out of place here. This is surely terribly wrong.
Hasselhoff is awful! Though I would love to keep Kim Johnson's legs around. But please!
I say Jennifer Grey should be voted off as unqualified in any way to be on the show. I think she is utterly beautiful but not right to have here. What was Bergeron thinking?


At 4:00 PM, Blogger Admin said...

I really admire Jennifer Grey 's tribute to Patrick Swayze. She's doing Dancing with the Stars for him, class.

At 6:00 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

You might read about her on the internet........... because you are really not representing her well here........... she is not a professional dancer (a movie and commercial) and she did not get plastic sugery because she wanted a nose job.

At 7:59 PM, Blogger rondi adamson said...

I like Kurt Warner and Florence Henderson most.

At 8:22 PM, Blogger Alan Adamson said...

I love Jennifer Grey! I just do not think it makes sense having her on this show, with or without a nose job. Has she not been a professional dancer?


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