Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If Glee Wants to Show Real Guts

Let's get one thing right; Season 2 Episode 1 played brilliantly on some elements of 'diversity' and its worship. (I loved Brittany's confession - "I wanted to touch her boobs.")
They have actually taken on pretty anyone else but I note they have not touched Islamism? Have they the guts?
Until I know I will wonder about how easily they have chosen to play this game.
It would be trivial to toss some embarrassing Islamism into the show.
Hey that Jewish kid could publish a Mohammed cartoon in the school paper or blog and an Islamist student could kill him! (After all, anti-Jewish violence remains the major hate activity in the US, not anti-Muslim. And I am willing to speculate about who originates the anti-Jewish violence.)
OK maybe we could just have him in critical condition and have him come to understand how insensitive he was.
Step up, guys!


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