Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Really Interesting Actors' Careers

As I am now warming rapidly to NCIS Los Angeles (watching last night's episodes now), it makes me reflect on how someone so unlikely made what appears to be such a successful acting career; I am thinking of the excellent Linda Hunt, who plays the local office director.
I recall first seeing her in The Year of Living Dangerously, where the character she played was definitely pretty odd. IMDB seems to show she has had a pretty good career overall, with much steadier placement in movies than a lot of far more conventional actors.
Her character in NCIS Los Angeles is a terrific one, and she fills the role beautifully.
I suspect she has fought hard to create great roles for herself, not just to count on bureaucratic support, and that this is the form 'diversity' ought to take. Diverse, but with quality!


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