Monday, October 25, 2010

In Praise of Margaret Cho

I really wanted her booted off DWTS. And I was right and she proves it. But she is also really funny and engaging in a way she was not on DWTS.
She appeared on Q today, part of my driving entertainment, and nice break in the CBC's "All-Day All-Omar Khadr theme".
You can listen to it here but (sorry I thought this would be easy but it seems these guys are so dinky you then have to find the October 25 show - I am sure you are smart enough even though these people are not smart enough to create a reasonable web site or I am not smart enough to find a good link; I hope we fix one of those).
They play off one another nicely and Margaret Cho confirms to me there was a very good reason for her to be voted off DWTS (not her gay-representative dress but her unengaged dancing). On the other hand what they talk about is her being engaged.
Give it a go.
And be warned if you do not leap ahead to 21:30 you will suffer what I suspect MIGHT be the worst of the All-Day All-Omar Khadr day at the CBC. I have decided to stop sampling.


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