Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Swans

One of our regular morning rituals is a jog or walk at Ashbridge's Bay, a small park on the eastern Toronto waterfront (I promise to post on some more details later).
Before our late June departure to Europe, we had been tracking a nesting swan couple. My wife flew off June 24, and during the following week, before I left, the nest was left behind.
Two years ago we had the heartbreaking experience of spending a large part of one morning delighting with (probably) the same swan couple and four cygnets, only to find them a couple of days later with a single child (who did make it to adulthood).
In the taxi from the airport Tuesday, we noticed as we looked out the window that a swan couple was shepherding 4 or 5 cygnets about the bay. It seems something was learned.
I look forward to the next morning jog/walk down at the bay.

UPDATE (in September) see this post


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