Saturday, January 28, 2006

Mozart-mania, II

The CBC is running a 'favourite Mozart bits' countdown, driven by mail-ins and comments from listeners. There is a wonderful memory being recounted now, from someone recalling the revelation he experienced when a key bit of Mozart (from the Requiem) came on his car radio. Cuter, he is a jazz musican and credits Mozart with getting him into jazz.
I grew up with Mozart LPs in the house, but I will still never forget the use John Schlesinger made of the Cosi Fan Tutte 'Soave' trio in 'Sunday, Bloody Sunday'. For me, that piece of music was the perfect expression of the very delicate and wonderful feelings that Schlesinger conveyed in that very precise and lovely movie.
The moment Peter Finch stares out into his garden and looks at the sculpture his lover has created and that music comes on is very special.


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